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A Day in the Life of an Edible Franchise Owner

A Day in the Life of an Edible Franchise Owner

Have you ever wondered what a typical day is like for our franchise owners?


Meet Linda Ekendahl, owner of the Edible® locations in Oak Park and Elmhurst, Illinois. After opening the first Edible location in Illinois over seventeen years ago, her success in capturing the hearts of the community fueled the brand’s expansion to 40 locations across the state.


Experience a typical day in her life along with her store manager Jaime Flores:



A typical day for an Edible® franchisee looks similar to any business owner – everchanging. Some days could be focused on administrative tasks such as payroll, bills and training, while others are spent focusing on marketing and sales building.


However, the actual day-to-day life of our franchisees depends heavily on the specific owner. If they own multiple units like Linda, they most likely will hire a store manager to handle day-to-day operations.


With the help of Jamie, the store manager, running operations, both of Linda’s locations are set up for success. A typical day begins with checking in on delivery orders to determine how many drivers are needed, then overseeing the creation of the arrangements as they head out the door to happy, smiling customers.


“My favorite part of owning an Edible® store has changed throughout the years. In the beginning, I just really loved learning everything, and I felt like a big sponge. Now, I love seeing the customers smile and have such a positive experience and sharing the joy with the customer,” Ekendahl said.


One thing is for sure, each of our franchisees and store managers are committed to WOW guests with our collection of amazing fresh fruit creations, gifts and treats. Ready to dip into the sweet life? Get started with your franchise journey with Edible®.