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Edible® Commemorates A Record-Breaking Year, Looks Ahead to Continued Growth

Edible® Commemorates A Record-Breaking Year, Looks Ahead to Continued Growth

2020 was a unique year to say the least. Here at Edible®, we’re incredibly grateful for the strength of our passionate franchisee network, corporate team and our dedicated support system. Through resilience and teamwork, we’re commemorating a record-breaking year full of new and innovative products, impressive sales numbers and a growing number of multi-unit operators.


After achieving stellar sales in the first half of 2020, we witnessed continued growth with a 60% sales increase in August, creating a lasting momentum that carried through the end of the year. It wasn’t just our sales that were bountiful in 2020 – we also welcomed an abundance of multi-unit operators, with 140 franchise agreements signed over the course of the year. Not to mention, we celebrated nearly 50 stores reaching million dollar status.


“Edible® continues to be a trailblazer in the industry and it is amazing to see the consistent and fresh innovation,” said Patricia Perry, vice president of franchise development. “After being deemed an essential business, our stores saw a rise in sales largely due to our omni-channel business model and the introduction of several new, delicious menu offerings. We also added to our franchise development team with experienced individuals that helped create an impressive pipeline for 2021.”


We’re launching into the new year with some fresh growth goals, including a target of 160 franchise agreements and 40 store openings over the course of the year. These initiatives are bolstered by Edible’s® continued expansion on all fronts. For starters, we recently welcomed two exciting additions to our corporate team – franchise veterans Tarji Carter, who will lead the charge for Edible’s®Manage-To-Own” program and eastern growth, and Kathy Dannewitz, who will spearhead western expansion.


Not to mention, our delectable product line only continues to expand – additions to Edible’s® diverse product offerings include an introduction into the floral space with FruitFlowers® and new treats in the Edible Bakeshop. Edible Musichas also launched with albums from Grammy- and Tony-Award winner Leslie Odom Jr. Finally, our new store prototype will house all that Edible® has to offer and will create a more interactive experience for customers.


2020 presented its fair share of obstacles across every industry. As we reflect on all that Edible® has accomplished despite these challenges serves as a true testament to the strength of our brand, and our ability to pivot our business to serve communities in the ways they need it most. Our brand has incredible staying power and has proven to be a valuable addition to multi-unit portfolios as we set our sights on another strong year ahead.


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